SenseIT uses hierarchical learning enabling high quality and high-volume accessibility diagnostics for websites complying with the global web accessibility standards, WCAG 2.0, ADA Title III and the Rehabilitation Act, Section 508.

Quality and accurate results

SenseIT focuses on use-ability and functionality to enhance its automatic testing process to diagnose the level of your website’s accessibility. Our cutting-edge technology reduces the cost of accessibility compliance and guarantees the most accurate analysis.


We diagnose the errors on your website according to success criteria and severity rating so you can fix them according to your business demands.


SenseIT offers insight driven analysis using real user experience driven by people with disabilities so you receive the highest quality report available.


New content is constantly uploaded to your website so we found a way to monitor your site regularly so you have command and control of your website.

Insight driven and comprehensive

SenseIT gives you full control of your website's accessibility by offering you complete transparency while diagnosing, analyzing and monitoring your content.

Comprehensive Reports

Save time and money on diagnosing and analyzing your web content.

Root Cause

We offer you ways to prevent the problem by finding the root cause.

Real Errors

SenseIT guarantees there are no false positives.

Fixing Instructions

Your detailed report includes best practices for fixing the errors.

Browser Agnostic

SenseIT can be used on any website and works with any system.

Automated Testing

A thorough and more accurate auditing tool covering WCAG 2.0.

SenseIT makes web accessibility achievable.

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